Girl feeling dizzy

Physical Therapy for Vertigo and BPPV

When you constantly feel dizzy and out-of-sorts with your daily activities, your whole world can seem upside down. Don’t wait to address your symptoms—it could be a simple to fix or something more serious. As you read on, please know that we strongly recommended to see a healthcare professional to evaluate and diagnose the cause […]

Physical therapist performing lumbar treatment

My MRI Says I Have Lumbar Stenosis. Now What?

If you’ve been suffering from unresolved back pain for a while, your doctor may have ordered an x-ray or an MRI to figure out why. Doctors order MRIs for a condition that’s been sticking around for a while or worsening. Your x-ray or MRI may reveal a condition called lumbar stenosis, a condition where spinal openings […]

Physical therapist treating a shoulder injury

Can a Rotator Cuff Tear Heal On Its Own?

If you’ve recently injured your rotator cuff, you’ve probably discussed options with your doctor or a physical therapist. The same question always arises: Can a rotator cuff tear heal on its own? The answer always depends on the size of the tear, your current ability to use the shoulder, and your health status. Here are […]

Person receiving joint mobilizations from a physical therapist

Rotator Cuff Surgery – Recovery, Timeline, and Expectations

Did you recently suffer a rotator cuff tear? If your injury was severe enough, your doctor may have mentioned surgery for your shoulder. Rotator cuff surgery is very common, but they do require some work to rehabilitate. Luckily, physical therapists are here to help. Keep reading to fully understand what rotator cuff surgery entails, including […]

woman walking on crutches outside

Hip Replacements: Partial vs. Total

If you’re considering a hip replacement, maybe the following sounds like you… You’re having severe pain and stiffness in your hip after a car or sports-related injury, fracture after a fall, or just with normal joint wear and tear. Maybe you find that you can’t sleep throughout the night because of pain in your hip, […]

Physical Therapy for Ankle Sprains

If there was a record for how many times we’ve seen patients with an ankle sprain come through the clinic… I think we might have broken it. Pun intended. Terrible jokes aside, sprained ankles are a common injury, especially if you’re in sports or enjoy hiking here in Hawaii. They occur nearly 28,000 times every day […]

Total Knee Replacement Recovery Time After Surgery

Got chronic knee pain? Has a knee replacement come up in conversation? Bet this sounds familiar… You’ve been having severe pain and stiffness in your knee after a car or sports-related injury, tumor, fracture, or just with normal joint wear and tear. Your pain prevents you from sleeping well. Maybe your knee buckles on you […]

lady with headache at computer

Cervicogenic Headache: Symptoms and Treatment

Are you noticing headaches on one side or the back of your head? Are you feeling worse at the end of your workday or headaches that worsen with computer usage or driving? You may be suffering from cervicogenic headaches. Thankfully, they are treatable with physical therapy!  Read below to learn more about cervicogenic headaches, associated […]

Physical therapist sizing woman for a cane

Prehab for your Total Knee or Hip Replacement

You’re about to have a total knee or hip replacement at a same-day surgical center. Hooray! Now that your surgery is scheduled, it’s time to prepare. Research shows that prehabilitation (prehab), consisting of carefully prescribed exercises with a physical therapist, is an effective way to ensure positive outcomes after your surgery. (1) That means exercising your […]

How Swimmers Can Prevent Injuries From the Start

Many swimmers complain of injuries such as shoulder instability and pain at the top of their stroke, also known as “impingement,” that get in the way of their training.  How do these injuries happen and what can you do to prevent them?  Here is a bit of advice to keep you injury-free for years to come. […]

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