DeQuervain’s Synovitis: Exercises, Injections, or Surgery?

Developing a sharp pain on the back of your thumb or wrist? Is it limiting your ability to type, lift and hold items, and do your everyday activities? You might have developed an injury called DeQuervain’s Syndrome. It can also be called a synovitis or tenosynovitis depending on which specific structure is inflamed. If you […]

Dos and Don’ts of Frozen Shoulder Management

If you’ve recently visited the doctor for shoulder discomfort and left with a diagnosis of “adhesive capsulitis” or “frozen shoulder,” you should know the dos and don’t of frozen shoulder management! Frozen shoulder may seem like a scary diagnosis, but it’s actually very common and manageable.  Yes, your shoulder is painful and stiff, we hear […]

Physical Therapy for Knee Arthritis

Knees go through a lot. They help you walk, run, stair climb, kneel, hike, swim – you name the activity, they’re probably involved. With all that demand, it makes sense that the knee goes through wear-and-tear. The medical term for wear-and-tear is arthritis. Guess what? Arthritic changes are normal. Compare it to developing gray hair […]

Types of Meniscus Tears and How to Treat Them

A meniscus tear can sound like a major issue. If your doctor suspects a tear, or if the tear has been confirmed by an MRI, you’re probably wondering what’s next. Good news! Not all meniscus injuries require surgery. It’s possible to avoid surgery with conservative care like physical therapy. Unless surgery is strongly advised by […]

How to Prevent Plantar Fasciitis and Treat Mild Symptoms

Starting to develop symptoms of discomfort by the heel or arch of your foot? Uh, oh… sounds like the beginnings of a stubborn injury called plantar fasciitis. If you’re catching the symptoms early, you still have an opportunity to reverse them before they impact your daily activity. You’re in the right place if you want […]

Total Shoulder Replacement Recovery

We’ve all heard of knee and hip replacements, but have you heard of a total shoulder replacement?! If your doctor has spoken to you about the possibility of a shoulder replacement, you may have a lot of questions. We know a thing or two about shoulders. Total shoulder replacements (or total shoulder arthroplasties) have made […]

Physical Therapy for Herniated Discs

Back pain is an very common condition. Almost 80% of people experience back pain at some point in their lifetime. (2) It can be scary, especially when you’re in a great deal of pain. One of the most commonly diagnosed reasons for back pain is the discovery of a herniated disc. If this is you, […]

Girl feeling dizzy

Physical Therapy for Vertigo and BPPV

When you constantly feel dizzy and out-of-sorts with your daily activities, your whole world can seem upside down. Don’t wait to address your symptoms—it could be a simple to fix or something more serious. As you read on, please know that we strongly recommended to see a healthcare professional to evaluate and diagnose the cause […]

Physical therapist performing lumbar treatment

My MRI Says I Have Lumbar Stenosis. Now What?

If you’ve been suffering from unresolved back pain for a while, your doctor may have ordered an x-ray or an MRI to figure out why. Doctors order MRIs for a condition that’s been sticking around for a while or worsening. Your x-ray or MRI may reveal a condition called lumbar stenosis, a condition where spinal openings […]

Physical therapist treating a shoulder injury

Can a Rotator Cuff Tear Heal On Its Own?

If you’ve recently injured your rotator cuff, you’ve probably discussed options with your doctor or a physical therapist. The same question always arises: Can a rotator cuff tear heal on its own? The answer always depends on the size of the tear, your current ability to use the shoulder, and your health status. Here are […]

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