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To Move or Not To Move? (to Hawaii for a Physical Therapy Job)

Raised in the midwest, I moved to Hawaii sight unseen. For me, living in Hawaii was never on my radar, but when I found out my ideal job was located in the middle of the Pacific, I finally decided to take a closer look.  Having weighed the pros and cons of making such a life-changing […]

woman with neck pain

Arm Pain? Check the Neck!

  Do you have a deep ache or weird sensation in the shoulder, elbow, or hand? Does it come and go? Does it get worse when you stay in one position for too long, sometimes spreading into other areas? Do you massage or ‘shake it out’ to get relief? Check the neck! All too often, […]

How to Use the Ocean for Recovery

The ocean is an amazing healing tool – mentally, physically, and spiritually. Did you know that Physical Therapists often advise the use of water to improve function, decrease pain, and promote strengthening? The ocean is all around us! Hawaii has many areas where the water is calm. Calm water is great for those of us […]

woman working from home

3 Things Your Physical Therapist Wants You to Know About Working From Home

By this point in the pandemic, many people have made the permanent switch from office life to work-from-home life. At JACO Rehab, we have seen infinitely more neck, back and wrist injuries due largely in part to this switch to poor ergonomic work-stations and long hours spent slouched on a couch with a laptop. Here are […]

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