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What’s Next After Physical Therapy?

You’ve rehabilitated your injury, but you’re not done yet. You’re just entering a new phase: maintaining progress and getting back to your life. What does this look like for you? Generally, you want to make sure you’re incorporating what you’ve learned in physical therapy into your daily life. More often than not, that includes staying […]

Can an ACL Tear Heal on Its Own?

ACL tears are very common, especially among athletes and highly active individuals. They’re so common that they are highly researched… but despite the research, they’re still not fully understood. Read more about ACL tears, protocol, and general rehabilitation. For years, the first line of treatment for ACL tears has been surgery in the form of […]

ACL Rehab Protocol, Timeline, and Expectations

ACL rehab can be challenging. You’ll be working toward recovery for months. But, with physical therapy and enough dedication, you can emerge stronger. Not only will you heal, but you will also drastically improve your movement mechanics to prevent future injury. For best outcomes, you have to understand your injury. Keep reading to learn about […]

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Pinched Nerve in the Neck? Start Treating with 2 Exercises.

Have you ever woken up with a stiff neck which resulted in difficulty looking over your shoulder throughout the day, like while driving?  Have you ever gone to grab your coffee cup in the morning and dropped it because your hand felt weak?  Have you ever woken up with a feeling of pins and needles […]

Physical Therapy for Shoulder Impingement

Have you been experiencing more pain and discomfort in your shoulder lately, especially while doing any overhead motions? Shoulder pain is one of the most common body parts that physical therapists treat at JACO Rehab. Whether you are a construction worker, overhead athlete, or an office worker, you can fall victim to shoulder pain for […]

Surfer’s Knee Pain and 5 Exercises to Prevent It

Do you ever experience knee pain during or after surfing? Are there times that you feel your knee in an awkward position while surfing? At any level, surfing can pose an injury risk. It’s a taxing activity for the whole body, and anything can happen when you paddle out. However, you shouldn’t have to worry […]

How Can I Heal My Diastasis Recti?

Have you ever been told by a doctor or healthcare provider that you have separation of your abdominal muscles? This condition is known as diastasis rectus abdominis (DRA), or diastasis recti.  Diastasis recti can lead to reduced core function and strength. This can look like: Difficulty rolling out of bed Low back pain with bending, […]

Low Back Pain During and After Pregnancy

Congratulations are in order!  Either you have recently discovered that you are pregnant and expecting, or you have already welcomed your new bundle of joy into the world! But wait… what’s this new back pain that keeps disrupting daily activities?  You may be experiencing pregnancy-related back pain, which is very common in women during or […]

5 Benefits of “Nasal Only” Breathing for Exercise Performance 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been called a “mouth-breather” once in your life.  Maybe a coach has called you out after huffing and puffing on and off the field, or someone has told you to close your mouth while you chew (yikes!).  If you’re anything like me, you’ve also had a hard time breathing […]

Physical Therapy and Chronic Respiratory Disease: Two Ways to Breathe Better

  Have you been huffing and puffing while climbing a flight of stairs? Are you wheezing when you go for a jog? Is it getting worse? Worsening symptoms should signal a visit to your doctor. These could be signs and symptoms of a bigger breathing issue, which could be affecting your ability to go for […]

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