5 Benefits of “Nasal Only” Breathing for Exercise Performance 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been called a “mouth-breather” once in your life.  Maybe a coach has called you out after huffing and puffing on and off the field, or someone has told you to close your mouth while you chew (yikes!).  If you’re anything like me, you’ve also had a hard time breathing […]

Physical Therapy and Chronic Respiratory Disease: Two Ways to Breathe Better

  Have you been huffing and puffing while climbing a flight of stairs? Are you wheezing when you go for a jog? Is it getting worse? Worsening symptoms should signal a visit to your doctor. These could be signs and symptoms of a bigger breathing issue, which could be affecting your ability to go for […]

7 Ways to Improve Sleep and Recovery

How many of us catch ourselves running on 5-6 hours of sleep per night trying to meet all our work, family, and personal obligations? How many of us hit that snooze button every morning for another 10-15 minutes of sleep because it’s already 5 AM and you feel like you haven’t slept a wink? How many of […]

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Physical Therapy

If you’re attending physical therapy, you’re already on the right track to recovery. But let’s be real. You have inconvenient aches and pains, and you want them gone yesterday. You’ve tried home remedies and medications. It seems like nothing helps. And, to top it all off, you have a busy schedule. You don’t have time […]

MCL Tear Recovery Time and Rehabilitation

Recent MCL tear holding you back from your favorite activities? With the right guidance, you can successfully rehabilitate your knee and return to surfing, football, or whatever fuels your soul. First thing’s first. Successful recovery requires your full commitment. Set your expectations and realistic goals by fully understanding MCL tear recovery time and the rehabilitation […]

What to Expect After Meniscus Surgery

Your recovery after a meniscus surgery depends on your dedication to rehabilitation. Make sure you read up on the expectations after surgery to understand how to recover well without risking another injury. If you’re looking for a physical therapy clinic on O’ahu, Hawaii after your surgery, check out JACO Rehab’s team! You’ll get the 1-on-1 […]

What is Peripheralization vs. Centralization?

Peripheralization and centralization are terms used to describe a pattern of symptoms that are associated with low back pain with radicular symptoms into the hip, leg, and foot. Peripheralization refers to symptoms of pain or numbness/tingling traveling away from the origin of pain. Centralization essentially refers to symptoms returning toward the origin of pain or […]

DeQuervain’s Synovitis: Exercises, Injections, or Surgery?

Developing a sharp pain on the back of your thumb or wrist? Is it limiting your ability to type, lift and hold items, and do your everyday activities? You might have developed an injury called DeQuervain’s Syndrome. It can also be called a synovitis or tenosynovitis depending on which specific structure is inflamed. If you […]

Dos and Don’ts of Frozen Shoulder Management

If you’ve recently visited the doctor for shoulder discomfort and left with a diagnosis of “adhesive capsulitis” or “frozen shoulder,” you should know the dos and don’t of frozen shoulder management! Frozen shoulder may seem like a scary diagnosis, but it’s actually very common and manageable.  Yes, your shoulder is painful and stiff, we hear […]

Physical Therapy for Knee Arthritis

Knees go through a lot. They help you walk, run, stair climb, kneel, hike, swim – you name the activity, they’re probably involved. With all that demand, it makes sense that the knee goes through wear-and-tear. The medical term for wear-and-tear is arthritis. Guess what? Arthritic changes are normal. Compare it to developing gray hair […]

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