Can a Rotator Cuff Tear Heal On Its Own?

Do you have shoulder pain? Are you suspecting a muscular injury like a rotator cuff tear? Can a rotator cuff tear heal on its own? Maybe you felt a sharp pain or heard a pop while hitting your PR on your overhead squat or press, or you worked a job that has you lifting heavy boxes […]

Rotator Cuff Surgery – Recovery, Timeline, and Expectations

Did you recently suffer a rotator cuff tear? Are you considering surgical intervention? Wondering about rotator cuff surgery recovery timeline and how to plan ahead? Keep reading. But first, does this sound like you? Maybe you felt a sharp pain or heard a pop while hitting your PR on your overhead squat or press, or […]

Partial vs Total Hip Replacement

If you’re considering a hip replacement, maybe the following sounds like you… You’re having severe pain and stiffness in your hip after a car or sports-related injury, fracture after a fall, or just with normal joint wear and tear. Maybe you find that you can’t sleep throughout the night because of pain in your hip, […]

Physical Therapy for Ankle Sprains

If there was a record for how many times we’ve seen patients with an ankle sprain come through the clinic… I think we might have broken it. *pun intended* Terrible jokes aside, sprained ankles ARE common – they happen  28,000 times a day! If you’re one of these 28,000 people or you know someone who […]

Recovery After a Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Got chronic knee pain? Has a knee replacement come up in conversation? Bet this sounds familiar… You’ve been having severe pain and stiffness in your knee after a car or sports-related injury, tumor, fracture, or just with normal joint wear and tear. Your pain prevents you from sleeping well. Maybe your knee buckles on you […]

lady with headache at computer

Physical Therapy Tackles Cervicogenic Headaches Head-On

Are you noticing headaches on one side or the back of your head? Are you feeling worse at the end of your workday or headaches that worsen with computer usage or driving? You may be suffering from cervicogenic headaches. Thankfully, they are treatable with physical therapy!  Read below to learn more about this condition and […]

Prehab for your Total Knee or Hip Replacement

You’re about to have a total knee or hip replacement at a same-day surgical center. Hooray! In most cases, you’re finally going to do something about that nagging arthritic pain in your joint that has been driving you CRAZY. You’ve met with your orthopedic surgeon, you’ve discussed the plan for surgery, and when to start […]

How Swimmers Can Prevent Injuries From the Start

Many swimmers complain of injuries such as shoulder instability and pain at the top of their stroke, also known as “impingement,” that get in the way of their training.  How do these injuries happen and what can you do to prevent them?  Here is a bit of advice to keep you injury-free for years to come. […]

hiker overlooking bay

To Move or Not To Move? (to Hawaii for a Physical Therapy Job)

Raised in the midwest, I moved to Hawaii sight unseen. For me, living in Hawaii was never on my radar, but when I found out my ideal job was located in the middle of the Pacific, I finally decided to take a closer look.  Having weighed the pros and cons of making such a life-changing […]

woman with neck pain

Arm Pain? Check the Neck!

  Do you have a deep ache or weird sensation in the shoulder, elbow, or hand? Does it come and go? Does it get worse when you stay in one position for too long, sometimes spreading into other areas? Do you massage or ‘shake it out’ to get relief? Check the neck! All too often, […]

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