Pregnant woman doing yoga

How Does My Body Change During Pregnancy?

Congratulations! You’re currently embarking on a tumultuous, but exciting pregnancy journey. As you can imagine, your body goes through a plethora of changes during this nine-month span, affecting everything from your physical appearance to your emotional disposition… and everything in between. But how much will these changes affect your physical ability? Can you still exercise? […]

Acute vs. Chronic Pain: What’s the Difference?

When you see a doctor or clinician about an injury, they all want to know details that help them develop the most thorough treatment plan for you. Chronicity, or how long you’ve had your injury, is one crucial detail. In physical therapy, knowing if your injury is short or long-term (acute or chronic) helps us […]

Physical Therapy for UCL Sprains and Tommy John Surgery

If you’re a fan of baseball, you have probably heard of Tommy John surgery, named after the famous baseball pitcher who first underwent the procedure in 1974.  Tommy John surgery involves reconstruction of the Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) and is common in younger overhead athletes (especially pitchers), javelin throwers, and sometimes racquet sport athletes or […]

What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?

  Have you ever struggled with incontinence? Pelvic pain? Discomfort during sex? Inability to tolerate a medical pelvic exam? Your pelvic floor, or the muscular sling that sits under your abdomen, might be the culprit. The pelvic floor has a significant impact on your daily activities. Just like other muscle groups in the body, the […]

Physical Therapy: What Are Red Flags?

Physical therapists are trained to screen and recognize a wide variety of conditions. Sometimes, we discover symptoms aren’t what they seem. If we find a “red flag,” we may refer you back to your doctor for further evaluation to make sure you’re receiving the right treatment for your condition. Not all red-flag symptoms indicate sinister […]

Five Things to Expect During a Physical Therapy Evaluation

Starting physical therapy can be scary, especially if you’re in pain. Will it hurt more? How do I prepare? We always get these questions, and we’re here to help! While we understand rehab can be intimidating, it can also be the beginning of an empowering journey. You and your physical therapist will work together to […]

Peroneal Tendinopathy: Symptoms, Treatment, and Exercises

  OUCH! Does the outside of your ankle or outside of your midfoot hurt when standing? Does your pain increase when you put weight through it, wear high heels, or stand on your tiptoes? Do symptoms worsen the longer you walk or run without relief, no matter how much you stretch out your foot? The […]

Why Do My Neck and Upper Back Hurt? About Cervical Postural Dysfunction

Your neck and upper back pain could be a result of bad posture. Pain from bad posture is common with prolonged sitting and often has a direct correlation with work-from-home jobs. (2) For example, back when offices shut down during COVID-19, most people were not prepared or equipped to have a proper desk set-up. Our […]

Landscape photo of a Hawaii hike

Treat and Prevent Knee Pain From Hiking Downhill

Who doesn’t love hiking the outdoors and soaking up the beauty around us? Outdoor walks are always enjoyable and relaxing, especially if you can be fully immersed in nature. Living in Hawaii (or anywhere with natural beauty) gives the never-ending opportunity to explore nature through hiking!  But don’t let aches and pains ruin the chance […]

Physical Therapy After a PCL Injury: What to Expect

If you’re familiar with knee injuries, you have probably heard of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), one of the most common ligament injuries of the knee. An ACL injury has a notoriously long recovery time—most medical professionals recommend nine months to a year recovery before returning to sport.  In contrast, posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injuries […]

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