Running Analysis


Are you a runner with questions about your running technique?

JACO Rehab has launched a new, streamlined, 60-min run-analysis program just for you! It’s appropriate for all runners of all levels.

A Personalized Experience to Boost Performance

Here’s what you get:

  • A head-to-toe body screen by a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy evaluating potential areas of weakness and tightness.
  • 3-5 personalized exercises to supplement your running program based on your findings.
  • A filmed review of your running technique that highlights your strengths and areas for improvement so you can… well, hit the ground running!

Details matter – JACO’s physical therapists are trained to look at the nitty-gritty. A running analysis can improve your form and performance by finding the troublesome motor patterns and teaching the body to increase efficiency.

You can schedule one analysis or 2-3 analyses over a period of time.

Of those who book multiple sessions, it’s recommended to schedule an analysis every other week or once per month to allow time for self-progression and practice.

Who Can Benefit from a Running Analysis?

JACO’s running analysis has served various participants who are looking to improve their running habits. This program is especially great for:

  • Avid runners who need a tune-up.
  • Former runners who want to start running again, but need to know how to pick up where they’ve left off.
  • Runners who want to learn injury prevention techniques that are unique to their needs.
  • Injured runners who have participated in physical therapy and need an in-depth analysis to determine what’s missing in their running form.
  • Running beginners who would like to know which strengthening activities to perform while they rev up their running activity.

If you’re looking for improvement, we’re here to help.

What Can I Expect?

When you arrive at the clinic, you’ll be met by our front desk staff who will alert the physical therapist that you’ve arrived.

You’ll have 1-on-1 attention from a physical therapist who will spend an hour with you discussing your personal running goals, getting a feel for your current regimen, and analyzing your running pattern.

Make sure you’re wearing appropriate clothing, such as:

  • Your typical running shoes (you can bring multiple if you have more than one pair)
  • Your typical running socks
  • Shorts or leggings that make it easy to see joint movement
  • Hair tied out of the way
  • Women: a sports bra in case the therapist elects to analyze trunk movement patterns (if you feel comfortable revealing the area – optional but recommended)

Please do not wear KT tape or any additional items that would block our ability to see a joint clearly. If you typically run wearing a brace or sleeve, you can bring it, although it may not be worn during the analysis.

The main running analysis takes place on the treadmill, but you will also work on exercises to address any vulnerabilities seen during the analysis. This will likely take place in the gym space.

You will leave the clinic with the therapists contact information and a set of exercises that were selected for your unique needs.

Book A Running Analysis Today

No matter your running goals, an analysis could be an excellent way to boost your performance. Our therapists would love to help you!

Reach out to book, but note that spaces are limited. Email to book your spot or call us at (808)381-8947 to discuss the program with our staff.

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