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Neck pain is one of the most common complaints in the western world. Heavy lifting, trauma and even poor posture can cause neck pain.

Sometimes neck pain can be accompanied by shoulder, arm or hand symptoms such as pain, tingling and or numbness (nerve sensations). Occasionally the muscles in the arm and hand can weaken which is a serious problem. Seek medical advice for the above described problems and if your doctor believes Physical Therapy may be helpful, you’re at step 3 and ready to give us a call!

At JACO we take care of a range of shoulder injuries and we rehab post surgical shoulders every single day. Whether you have a nagging ache or had rotator cuff surgery, we’re here to help!

Quick Tips for Injury Prevention

Prevent Shoulder Pain

Learn 3 exercises to maintain or increase shoulder strength

Shoulder Strengthening Exercises

Three exercises to help you prevent and self treat shoulder pain and dysfunction

Frozen Shoulder Self Help

Stretches for a tight shoulder relief.

Shoulder Exercises for Swimmers!

Shoulder exercises designed for swimmers that are part of the North Shore Swim series in Hawaii every summer.

Shoulder Pain Self Help

Rotator cuff impingement and tendinitis are common ailments.

Neck Exercises

Exercises you can do at work, on your court, virtually anywhere!

A Pain in the Neck

Prevent and help ease common neck pain.

Frozen Shoulder Self Treatment

3 exercises to help get relief from frozen shoulder.

Stretches for Paddlers & Kayakers

Important stretches for canoe paddlers and kayakers.

Prevent Paddling & Surfing Injuries

In Hawaii, we paddle outrigger canoes, surf plenty and we need to stretch before getting in the water!

Stretch Your Shoulder!

Three stretches for a healthy shoulder

These videos are not a replacement for professional physical therapy but to help alleviate minor injuries and aches.

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