Knee & Ankle


Knee and ankle sprains are so frequent that we taped a lot of videos on how to take care of minor aches and pains with home remedies and simple exercises. If you hear a pop, feel something tear or notice swelling, bruising, redness and you’re unable to do take weight on your leg or unable to bend or straighten the joint, it’s time to have a physician diagnose your injury.

Quick Tips for Injury Prevention

Runner's Knee Self Help

Suffering from runner's or jumper's knee? Get relief!

Sprained Ankle Self Help

Tips to help your sprain ankle ligaments.

Avoid Knee Injuries on Koko Crater Stairs

How to properly go down Koko Crater Trail.

Plantar Fasciitis Self Treatment

Tips for pain and inflammation on the bottom of your foot.

Preventing Knee Injuries, Exercise and Measure your Knee Stability

Learn the Hamstring stretch, Quad stretch, measure your active knee stability and get to know some exercises that can make your knee more stable

Preventing Knee Injuries In Female Athletes

Get your core and lower extremity strong to prevent knee and lower extremity injuries

These videos are not a replacement for professional physical therapy but to help alleviate for minor injuries and aches.

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