Elbow & Wrist

Did you know that most people with tennis elbow don't play tennis?

Most elbow injuries are treated with simple home treatments such as Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. If elbow pain does not go away with simple home remedies or you have increased redness, bruising, a deformity or pain when you’re not using your arm, it’s time to see your doctor!

Wrist pain and dysfunction is very common and often caused by trauma, it can also be caused by long term problems such as repetitive stress or neurologic conditions higher in arm or neck. As wrist dysfunction is complicated to diagnose it’s important to see you doctor before starting exercise or Physical Therapy.

Quick Tips for Injury Prevention

Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Explanation of CTS and stretches to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome

These videos are not a replacement for professional physical therapy but to help alleviate for minor injuries and aches.

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