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Your butt is not to sit on!

Back pain and dysfunction is one of the most common complaints in our clinic and one of most cited reason for missing work, luckily we work with a bunch of therapists! A painful back can start from sitting too much or from poor posture but obviously also from heavy lifting and poor body mechanics . In fact you can even get a “bad back” from picking up a paperclip! For simple mild low back pain certain stretches can be helpful. For more serious back pain with nerve pain and or weakness in either or both of your legs, it’s imperative that you seek medical care.

Some of our videos below show home exercises and simple remedies. To start professional Physicial Therapy, you should however see your doctor and obtain a prescription!

There are a lot of causes of hip pain and your doctor is the one to properly diagnose a pain in the hip. The exact location of the hip pain can give your doctor and us information on the structures possibly causing the pain and dysfunction. Sometimes hip pain can even be caused by your back, in that case your pain is called “referred pain”

Quick Tips for Injury Prevention

Sore Back When Sitting?

2 exercises and posture advice.

Hip Stretches

Hip stretches are an important aspect of hip wellness.

Back Pain Self Treatment

Tips for sedentary people to help fix themselves!

Your Butt is Not to Sit on

2 simple exercises to keep your butt young and strong.

Prevent Back Pain

3 exercises to increase core stability and prevent back pain.

Prevent Back Pain During Pregnancy

Here are some exercises to prevent back pain during pregnancy.

Core Exercises for Hip Strength

Weak or unstable hips? Prevent walking like a duck! Here are some exercises to strengthen the core muscles of your hips

Back Pain Self Help

Sitting in Traffic? In an office all day? Pain in the butt driving around? Try these stretches at home, in the park or on the beach!

These videos are not a replacement for professional physical therapy but to help alleviate for minor injuries and aches.

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