Run Faster, Bike Longer, Paddle Harder.

Improve your efficiency, reduce your risk for injury and enhance your training with our Lactate Threshold and Running Analysis Program. Cyclists, Paddlers and Runners will all benefit from learning how their current level of fitness, strength, and flexibility can affect form and efficiency.


JACO Run is a highly sought after program that is ideal for new and seasoned runners looking to improve their running form and efficiency. Listed below are some of the elements you will find in this state-of-the-art program:

  • Comprehensive assessment of your running form with video analysis and Dartfish(TM) software from 5 different angles
  • Evaluation of muscular strength and flexibility–essential components to completing the bigger picture
  • Education regarding the mechanics of running and how to address any insufficiencies found in your assessment
  • Visual feedback and therapist recommendations to improve your running efficiency, speed, and reduction of risk for running-related injuries

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